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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Blogsite for "Manufactured in China"

There are recalls not only Made in China so I decided to move this blog to http://latestrecalls.blogspot.com/. The "Made In USA" listing will stay on this blog for the meantime. Thank you for visiting.

Nike recalls thousands of helmet chin straps

"Nike is recalling 235,000 football helmet chin straps the company says has caused injuries among high school players, including at least two concussions, a broken nose and facial cuts requiring stitches.

The recall affects adult and youth-sized straps, of which about 155,000 were sold, Nike spokesman Vada Manager said. They retailed for $20 at sporting-goods stores nationwide and on Nike's Web site from April 2006 to October 2007, the U.S. Product Safety Commission said."

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Products Recalled For Lead Still Being Sold On The Web

"Barbie, Dora and Elmo are overstaying their welcome.

Like guests who just won't leave, recalled toys -- including some that might contain harmful lead paint -- are lingering on the Internet for sale, a study shows. This is so even though their maker, Mattel MAT, has racked up $40 million in costs and charges this year to get toys deemed dangerous out of children's hands."

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Handling This Year's Toy Recall Epidemic

"TOYS ARE FLYING off the shelves this holiday season, but it's not because shoppers are grabbing them up. Instead, a slew of widespread health and safety recalls are responsible for making some of this season's most popular toys scarce.

Just last week, the Consumer Product Safety Commission ordered the recall of 4.2 million sets of Aqua Dots craft sets because a chemical coating on the brightly-colored beads breaks down into the date-rape drug known as GHB when ingested. One of Toy Wishes magazine's "Hot Holiday Dozen," Aqua Dots has caused seizure-like spasms and shallow comas in seven U.S. children. Two days later, another recall urged parents to return some 175,000 Curious George plush toys to the manufacturer, Marvel Toys, because of lead content in the paint on the doll's face and hat."

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Study clears China in toy recall

Design Flaw? So this study concluded that the materials China used such as LEAD PAINT was due to a design flaw?

"Recalls of toys made outside North America are rising at an alarming rate, but a new Canadian study says consumers shouldn't blame China.

The study found that the majority of toy recalls are due to design flaws, not manufacturing problems. It concluded that while China makes the vast majority of toys sold in North America, recalls of toys made in other countries have actually risen at a faster rate."

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China takes fun out of it

"Shelves were near empty after Chinese-made Fisher-Price toys were pulled from shelves in a voluntary recall in August.

With the busiest shopping days of the year approaching, consumers no doubt are feeling some angst about buying toys, especially those made in China. They have good reason. Since this summer, there has been a steady beat of recalls involving unsafe toys sold by trusted manufacturers."

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sydney doctors lead Bindeez recall

"AUSTRALIAN doctors were the leading force behind the global Bindeez toy recall after they discovered the toy contained a potentially deadly drug compound.

Dr Olivia Chan was one of the doctors who treated a two-year-old boy at Westmead hospital, in Sydney's west, after he ingested the toy's bead.

Dr Chan become suspicious about a quantity of Bindeez beads the boy swallowed and had them analysed."

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Recalls won't stunt holiday toy buying: experts

"The latest recall of hot toy item Aqua Dots may evoke an emotional response in parents, but toy experts say it won't get in the way of fulfilling kids' holiday wish lists.

The recall on Wednesday of 4.2 million Aqua Dots craft kits, which had made Wal-Mart Stores Inc's list of top 12 Christmas toys, included the sensational aspect that the kits' beads may contain a chemical similar to a "date rape" drug. When the beads are swallowed, the chemical can cause unconsciousness, respiratory depression or seizures if swallowed."

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